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News | 14.09.2014
8.1 Clock
Now available for Windows Phone!

Your watch on your home screen.
With battery indicator.
Many different designs.
Minutes exactly.

News | 14.09.2014
8.1 Music
Now available for Windows Phone!

8.1 music finally reach your music faster.
The new list view lets you Super fast find your artists, albums or songs.
A mini Player, a small player, and a full-screen player allow to give you full control over your music. In portrait as well as landscape mode.
Create your own design or download finished designs from the Internet.
In addition, there are many extras.

- List view of your music
- List view of your playlists
- 3 different media players
- Supports portrait and landscape
- Short playing the title
- Design Editor
- Download finished design from the Internet
- Stop the music and delete from the media player
- 100 last reproductions are stored
- Full color customization
- Lots of great extras

News | 14.09.2014
8.1 Lock Screen
More than 250.000 Downloads

8.1 Lock screen reach more than 250.000 Downloads on Windows Phone store,

Easily create a lock screen as in Windows 8.1.
Use your own pictures and see how your lock screen changes every half hour.
There are many options available for this.
You'll be amazed!

News | 14.09.2014
Battery Live Tile Editor
Now available for Windows Phone!

The ingenious battery app for your Windows phone 8.
Make your own battery icon to your home screen.
And use your own notification sounds.
Use this many of the available elements and create it according to your taste.
Or loading new items and new notification sounds directly from the server to the app.

Advanced live tile Editor
- Create your own battery live tile
- Many existing components

3 your own alert tones
- When battery power low
- When battery is charged
- When battery is fully charged
- Download more notification sounds
- Add your own notification sounds

Parts Manager- Download of many parts
- Import of your own components

Advanced overview- Size graphic of battery status
- Display of remaining time on the back of the tile

Great system
- Available in 48 languages
- Language directly adjustable
- Detailed instructions
- Great support

News | 14.09.2014
My Anonymous ID
Now available for Windows Phone!

Each Microsoft Account has an Anonymous Live ID
This app only displays the user account Anonymous ID.

On the basis of many support requests a short statement to this app.
The app is uses internally by xtrose.
The ID is out of date unfortunately and is supported by Silverlight apps.

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