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Apps | Hearts
This simple classic was packed in a new guise.
A game that is absolutely easy to understand and to play.
You but once started it, so you want to stop no longer to play it.
Absolute risk of addiction!

The game was developed using c# as a Windows universal app and is available for Windows and Windows phone.

After many requests, how the game has developed, I have decided to release the source code.
You can find it in the download area.
Please observed the license terms and don't publishes it unchanged.
Apps | Police Shooter
The time has come!
The Police Shooter is back.

New style, new enemies, new game.
We have completely redesigned the game
Available for Windows and Windows Phone.

Loading your gun and play!
The game principle is simple.
Masked against unmasked.
Each opponent must be shot three times.
Special enemies 5 times.

In this great and simple shooter, in the comic book style, comes everyone to his taste.
Just get started and have fun.
Much different levels and weapons.
Apps | Hexacon
This ingenious and simple game promotes you again on new out.

Move the hexagons and connect the right colors.

In 25 levels with 350 steps is something guaranteed for everyone.
Share your results in the world rankings and prove your skill players all over the world.

Hexacon is available for Windows and Windows phone.

The game is available in 40 languages.
Determined also in yours.
Apps | Math Attack
You don't think a game can improve your mental arithmetic?


This game will transform your mental arithmetic.
The simple structure of the game allows everyone an easy entry.
Under time pressure, you have to deal with increasingly difficult tasks.
This changed in the way to solve computing tasks will be available soon.
You will manage tasks quickly in a time of you should have never believed it.
Various levels of difficulty you will try to confuse and therefore promote your logical thinking.

Test it!

- 3 level of difficulty
- Trainins mode
- Unlimited levels
- Unlimited combinations
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