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Apps | Math Attack
You don't think a game can improve your mental arithmetic?


This game will transform your mental arithmetic.
The simple structure of the game allows everyone an easy entry.
Under time pressure, you have to deal with increasingly difficult tasks.
This changed in the way to solve computing tasks will be available soon.
You will manage tasks quickly in a time of you should have never believed it.
Various levels of difficulty you will try to confuse and therefore promote your logical thinking.

Test it!

- 3 level of difficulty
- Trainins mode
- Unlimited levels
- Unlimited combinations
Apps | Birth Control Pill Alert
Ever forget taking your birth control pills?
Then, you have found the right app here.

Birth control pill alert notifies you, at selected time, every half hour, until you have taken your pill.
The useful life tile will show when your intake is due.
In the integrated calendar, you can always track your intake.
Absolutely simple and unique configuration.
The app is suitable for all revenue schemes and emits only one notification on days where you.

In German and English language.

- Super simple to use.
- Notification every half hour, until you have taken your pill.
- Life Tile with notification
- Useful caledar
- For all revenue schemes
Apps | Power Gym 8
Your personal workout manager for Windows Phone.

- Full animated applikation
- Extended workout Manager
- Create and edit your own lift exercises
- Create and edit your own cardio exercises
- Create your own Groups for your exercises
- Overview for each workout
- Overview for each exercise
- Send overviews as SMS
- Send overviews as E-Mail
- Adjustable workout timer
- Timer vibrates
- Timer play sound
- Extended Settings
- Disable/Enable timer sound
- Disable/Enable timer vibration

- Set weight units KG / LB
- Set lenght units KM / Mi
- Disable Screen lock
- Run under lock Screen
- Warning before app close
Apps | Struwwelpeter
Now for free!

For Windows and Windows Phone!
In German and English in a great ebook.

Struwwelpeter, the Storys from Heinrich Hoffmann.

English Version translates by Mark Twain.
Now the first time on Windows and Windows Phone.

For kids, Childrens an to recall old times!
Apps | Stopwatch and Timer Ultra Edition
Fully animated stopwatch and timer.
With many great interchangeable designs.

- Stopwatch
- Timer
- Alarm clock
- Clock with seconds

Timer Features
- Alarm clock to timer
- Alarm clock snooze function
- Timer vibrate
- Timer play sounds
- 2 alarm sounds
- Adjustable alarm time
- Adjustable snooze time
- Run timer when app is close

Stopwatch features
- Split times
- Rounds overview
- Lost split time
- Save overviews
- Send overviews as E-Mail
- Send overviews as SMS
- Run stopwatch when app is close

Special Features
- Warning before app close
- Disable / Enable screen lock
- Run under lockscreen

- 20 Windows Phone 8 designs
- 1 custom design
- 3 numeric designs
- 63 design combinations
- Animated numerics
- Animated menus

100% free with ads!
Ad free if buyed!
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