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8.1 Lock Screen
App | 8.1 Lock Screen
8.1 Lock Screen
Easily create a lock screen with using the new lock screen API.
Use your own pictures to generate allways a new lock screen image.
There are many options available for this.
You'll be amazed!

This app was converted from windows phone 8 and had over 80,000 downloads in three months.

After more than 600.000 downloads, we have developed a successor.
News | 8.1 Lock Screen | 27.04.2016
8.1 Lock Screen, version, for Windows Phone, is available now.

The APIs for the downloads of components has been adapted to the new Web page.
Important! Who uses the app should update it absolutely. The old APIs will be deleted in the near future. The online components can be downloaded only from this version.

Also, app has been adapted the app to the new Windows 10 Store.
For this, we have uploaded new photos, and changed the licensing information and links to the privacy policy.
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