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8.1 Lock Screen Changer
App | 8.1 Lock Screen Changer
8.1 Lock Screen Changer
Every hour a new lock screen image.

With this app, you simply manage your lock screen images.
To do this, lots of great opportunities available friends.
Create different folders and drop your pictures in it.
Cut it directly to your images as you want them.
The app changes your pictures from your selected folder every hour.
News | 8.1 Lock Screen Changer | 20.05.2016
8.1 Lock Screen Changer, version, for Windows Phone, is now available

The app got a last update. Thereby, the APIs have been adjusted to download the sounds from our new Web platform. In addition, an advertisement for the successor has been added.

The data for the marketplace were adapted to the Windows 10 store. Some images, and various data have been changed, so that the app is also still in the Windows 10 store appears.

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